Marine Elevator Service

Your elevator experts on the high seas.

Marine Elevator Service (MES) is a thyssenkrupp Elevator department with a long history of excellence. Following the merger of Thyssen and Krupp, lift activities on ships were grouped in a separate department: Marine & Industry. A wide variety of lifts has been installed and maintained on many different vessels over the years. This department focuses exclusively on lift service and maintenance and now has a leading position under our present name – Marine Elevator Service.

Service is our core competency.

thyssenkrupp Marine Elevator Service provides service, repair and modernisation for lifts on ships, wind turbines and oil rigs. We can assist with all elevator-related services – from regular annual inspections to maintenance and repairs, including planned modernisations and general overhauls.

Quality and individual service are paramount at all times, in line with the ISO 9001 standard. Whenever needed, we come directly to you and do everything we can to ensure your system is up and running as quickly as possible. Well-trained engineers have the expertise to maintain all types of lift systems. And thanks to our short response times, you’ll receive help almost immediately.

The benefits to you at a glance

  • Global experience
  • Rapid availability
  • 24-hour service hotline
  • On-Site Deployment
  • Intensively trained and highly skilled mechanics
  • Manufacturer independent solutions
  • Annual and safety inspections
  • Maintenance, repair and conversion
  • Rapid replacement and refurbishment of spare parts
  • ISO 9001
  • Achilles JQS certified
  • Safety first: QHSE management

Safety Inspections

Mandatory annual inspections are carried out by our certified engineers.

Safety comes first. The operation of your lift system(s) is also assessed during the inspection. Once the inspections have been completed, we issue an official thyssenkrupp Statement confirming that the system is operating safely and correctly.

Our engineers are backed by years of experience and have developed an outstanding level of expertise and efficiency. Our experience in construction means that we’re able to carry out inspections of special lifts, such as cargo, ammunition (naval vessels), personnel and hydraulic lifts.

Maintenance and Repair

Marine Elevator Service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your ship gets into trouble unexpectedly, we’re there for you, day or night. In the exceptional case that our engineers can’t find an immediate solution, they will consult with one of our three international thyssenkrupp Elevator Technical Service Centres, where specialists collect and distribute technical expertise on all types of lifts. Thanks to this knowledge, we can service and maintain all system types. But prevention is better than cure – preventive maintenance is essential, as it keeps everything moving smoothly out at sea.

In addition to maintenance, we also carry out repairs on your systems. For example, changing the steel cabling or replacing the door panels. If time is of the essence, our engineer will come on board and work as you travel.


Although lift systems have long life spans, it is advisable to modernise your system after some time, because usage requirements or safety regulations may have changed. We can modernise your system(s) anywhere in the world. If necessary, our engineer will join you on board and travel with you, so that your business process and planning are not affected.

Spare parts

Besides maintaining and modernising all sorts of lifts, we also supply spare parts for a wide range of types. We strongly recommend carrying spare parts on board your ship, so that any malfunctions can be solved right away.

Training for your crew

While we advise against maintaining the system(s) yourself, we realise that some maintenance tasks will be done by your own personnel. In order to ensure a correct and safe procedure for your system, we offer to train your crew, providing them with the technical skills needed to work on the lift system(s) responsibly.