Segment: Public Transportation
Elevator type: Traffic
Amount: 3
Rated load: 1.200 kg
Speed: 0,6
Travel height: 4 meter
Landing stops: 2

Ringsted Station, Ringsted

3 Traffic elevators with Hydroware and new Deutche Bahn doors (extra strong and resistant to tough environment including vandalism) from 2015 are placed here in this old and beatiful railway station. Pumpunit, controller and Glassdoor are installed at all three lifts.

RO´s Torv, Roskilde

Beside a big glass facade at an entrance of  this unique shopping center with focus on design, art and architecture and a total of 47,000 m2, 8 orinoco moving walk with RGB skirtband light  ideally adapted to the overall design at the installation in 2004. 

Segment: Shopping
Moving type: orinoco
Amount: 8

Kyndbyværket, Jægerpris

In connection with a new canteen for employees on first floor, Kyndbyværket wanted a lift - primarily for transporting food, tables, chairs, and the like. In terms of design, the customer chose to use the group DONG Energy red color, as well as an open and light design glass panels. Outdoor Vector platform lift was the perfect match for these needs and fits very well into the building, together with the steel platform that thyssenkrupp also supplied.

Segment: Production
Lift type: Outdoor VECTOR platform lift
Amount: 1
Rated load: 500 kg
Speed: 0,15 m/s
Travel height: app 3 mtr
Landing stops: 2

VUC Storstrøm Nykøbing

In connection with the construction of a brand new building with a very modern and Nordic light design, the customer wanted a welcoming and good solution for the disabled students and staff at the school. It should remind of an elevator, but with all the benefits of a lift. The choice fell on an Indoor Vector platform lift  and as the pictures show, it fits architecturally perfect into the hall.

Segment: Public buildings
Lift type: Indoor Vector platform lift
Amount: 1
Rated load: 500 kg
Speed: 0,15 m/s
Travel height: app 3 mtr
Landing stops: 2

VUC Storstrøm Vordingborg

The school needed to create level free access for disabled pupils and for transporting heavy computers and large screens between floors. Because of very limited space, there was no place for an elevator, nor lift. The solution was a special designed Indoor Supra lift, with acces  to all 3 floors (4 stops)

Segment: Public buildings
Lift type: Indoor Supra lift
Rated load: 255 kg
Speed: 0,15 m/s
Travel height: app 18 mtr
Landing stops: 4

Lyngby Gymnasium

For a complete renovation and extension of school, had the customer needs a lift for the disabled and the transport of heavy equipment such as furniture, books, stationery and so on. There should be physical space for the disabled with all types of wheelchairs and for pallets and pallet truck. The design should be an easy and simple terms that suited the style of the newly constructed auditorium. In December 2015, an artist decorate the lift with strong and colorful circles in ceramics. It will give a special life in the auditorium and get the lift to be a key component in space.

Segment: Public buildings
Lift type: Taurus
Amount: 1
Rated load: 1000 kg
Speed: 0,15 m/s
Travel height: 3,40 m
Landing stops: 3

TGI Fridays, København

The newly opened restaurant covers several floors and to take account of disabled guests wanted the restaurant on a lift installed. To give a sense of the case of a conventional elevator and comfort, it was important to have a lift pressure rather than "hold-an-print" as you have on platform lifts. The restaurant's owners were thrilled Vector elevatorliftens design and appealed to them because. The 'high tec' look restaurant has.

Segment: Events
Lift type: Indendørs Vector kabinelift
Amount: 1
Rated load: 400 kg
Speed: 0,15 m/s
Travel height: 4,5 m
Landing stops: 3


In this lucrative area at Bredgade in Copenhagen City, Jeudan needed an elevator designed for commercial and residential use, in addition to the existing staircase. In May 2015, Synergy was installed in an exclusive shaft of glass and PAROC panels.

Segment: Residential buildings
Elevator type: Synergy, type 2
Amount: 1
Rated load: 630 kg
Speed: 1 m/s
Travel height: 15 m
Landing stops: 5