Stair homelifts

A stair lift is particularly suitable for wheelchair users and is mounted directly on the stairways or right next to. The lift is typically installed when it due to lack of space or budget is not possible to install a platform lift or elevator lift. A stair lift is operationally very stable, user-friendly and impressively compact with little requirement for space. In almost every case the compact stair lift can be customized and adjusted to the existing stairways of the building. Installation of the stair lift is an easy and effortless way to get a level house or apartment building.

The compact construction also enables that the installation of the Supra lift is possible as a wheelchair lift on almost any types of stairways. Additionally, the lift is well suited for indoor and outdoor use as all the components are weatherproof. The sturdy materials require little maintenance. 

A wheelchair lift that makes life easier.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S we consider it a matter of course to assist our customer throughout the entire process right from choosing the wheelchair lift to installation of the end-product because we know of how great value our product will be to the people who, on a daily basis, will use the stair lift. A stair lift makes life significantly easier for both wheelchair users and walking-impaired, as they, by using the lift, suddenly are not dependent on other people in the same way. A stair lift therefor equals increased mobility and thus increased freedom.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S we thrive at delivering products with great emphasis on user-friendliness, which is why our stair lift can be used by all types of wheelchair users and walking-impaired. By installing a stair lift the wheelchair users, walking-impaired and older people can continue to live in their homes.

Let us help you find the right stair lift.

With our selection of stair lifts at thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S it is possible to have a stair lift installed at both straight and swing stairs. No matter what type of stairs installed in your building we are usually always able to find an appropriate and fitting stair lift that matches your need.