Platform homelift – Vector

The Vector lift is the most popular platform homelift on the market. The reason why the Vector lift is so popular is because it is well suited for schools, shops and offices and public areas. A Vector platform lift also offers first class mobility on all levels.

A popular vertical platform lift.

Since 1995 there have been installed more than 25.000 Vector lifts in public and private buildings across 15 countries. This is because the Vector lift is flexible in size with its many different models as well as it can be picked in many different stylish colors. This vertical platform homelift is very sturdy with the option of picking a model being able to lift up to 500 kg. The Vector lift is also easy to use and comfortable to ride.

A vertical platform homelift such as the Vector is always delivered with a solid shaft both on outdoor and indoor installment. The amount of time estimated in terms of installation is usually just a couple of days and the demand for ongoing maintenance is very limited. A Vector lift comes with hinged doors and can be equipped with an automatic door opener. The doors come in many different models, where it as an example is possible to pick a fire door (Ei60). The popular Vector lift can be mounted directly on the existing floor or installed in a pit.

Equipment and accessories

Max. operational heightUp to 13 meters
Number of StopsMax. 6
Weight capacity250-500 kg/2-5 pers.
Door typeHinged doors in many different models e.g. fire door in Ei60
Over heightMin. 2250 mm
Pit depth50 mm (no pit when using a ramp)
Pit width1305-1530 mm
Length of pit1190-2130 mm
Top height2070-2240 mm
Platform width900-1100 mm
Platform length1040-1980 mm (ask if used at private homes)
Door opening (doors full height)1800, 1900, 2000, 2100 mm
Door opening (doors half height)1100-1600 mm
Door opening width800, 900, 1000 mm
Drive systemPatented bolt-nut system
Motor2,2 kw
Power supply400 v 16 amp
Norm2006/42/EC –EN81-41