Platform homelift – Orion

The Orion vertical platform lift distinguishes itself by being installed in an existing shaft delivered by the building owner. The Orion lift is hydraulic and one of the quietest platform lifts on the market. With its impressively wide selection of colors and detailed finishes the Orion lift is tremendously easy to integrate so that it perfectly matches its surroundings.

A vertical platform lift that can transport up to 5 persons.

The Orion lift has a lifting capacity of 400 kg, which is equivalent to roughly 5-6 persons. Besides transporting people, the Orion vertical platform lift is also well suited for transportation of various goods, smaller furniture et cetera. The Orion lift is operational all the way up to fifth floor (6 stops), which means that it can be used in most buildings.

Equipment and accessories

Max. operational heightUp to 15,1 meters
Number of Stops6
Weight capacityUp to 400 kg
Door typeHinged doors and telescope doors in many different models e.g. fire door in Ei60
Over heightMin. 2500 mm
Pit depth100 mm