Platform homelift

A platform lift is a price cheap alternative to both the conventional elevator and the elevator lift. A platform homelift is with its self-supporting construction easy to implement in existing buildings without any major constructional alterations. A platform homelift neither requires an engine room or excavation pit. Additionally, it is fast and easy to install.

A platform homelift is installed with either its own self-supporting shaft or a shaft delivered by the building owner. A platform homelift is also characterized by its open platform as well as the lift works with a “hold to run” button.

Find platform homelifts that fit your need.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S we understand the importance of delivering a homelift that is able to support all the requirements and preferences of our customers. This is why it is obvious to pick one of our platform homelifts as we offer many different options in terms of size and design. 

There are a number of different platform homelifts that each has its own advantage. Generally, our platform homelifts come in four different base models. 

Platform homelifts H100

We use the available space efficiently and versatile. The optimized Platform homelifts H100 requires only a floor recess of 50 mm and a height of only 2,430 mm. This allows installation in small spaces, without restricting the space in the cabin or the size of the doors.

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Vector platform lift

Our Vector platform lift is known as the most popular model on the market because it can work almost anywhere. Through the last 20 years the Vector platform lift has been installed more than 25.000 times across more than 15 different countries.

Taurus platform lift

The Taurus platform lift is built with particular emphasis on being able to transport large and heavy goods. We recommend this sturdy platform homelift for transportation in industries where handling with heavy goods is required. Heavy goods could be pallets with paper and products made of metal and aluminum.

Gulliver platform lifts

The Gulliver platform lift is great in environments such as offices, schools and other buildings where a high level of aesthetic elegance and functionality must form as one. This type of platform homelift can be implemented in almost any environment as there are close to 70 different models to choose from whether you need a certain size or color. Additionally, the Gulliver platform lift is close to silent thanks to a hydraulic system.

Orion platform lifts

The fourth and last model we offer as a platform homelift is the Orion platform lift. Orion is like the Gulliver platform lifts close to silent due to the integrated hydraulic system. The Orion platform lift must be installed in a bricked shaft.