Elevator homelifts

An elevator homelift resembles a conventional elevator a lot with its closed cabin, its built shaft and the fact that one push on a button is enough to get you to the desired floor. The effective lift elevator meets all the necessary requirements in terms of safety, quality and service, but is still a budget friendly solution that is primarily used in already existing buildings. An elevator homelift moves a bit slower (max. 0,15 m/s) than a conventional elevator, but on the contrary it does not need to meet the strict regulation, but only the requirements of the European machine directive.

A lift elevator is a great alternative to the conventional elevator.

Even though the elevator homelift seems a lot like the conventional elevator there still is a big difference. The primary and biggest difference is in the installation process itself where the conventional elevator usually requires a substantial and therefore expensive installation process. By choosing an elevator lift you will be looking forward to a quick an effortless installation process. This is an advantage if there is an escalating need for an elevator homelift and if you are looking for a budget friendly solution. Usually we expect your elevator homelift to be installed within 3-4 days. This is exactly why this type of lift elevator is a very popular alternative to the conventional elevator.

An customizable elevator homelift according to your needs.

Another advantage of choosing an elevator homelift is that there is a quite large selection of sizes and dimensions within this category. This allows you to design an elevator homelift at thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S that matches your specific needs. Besides sizes and dimensions, you can also choose between a large selections of different door types i.e. fire doors.

An elevator homelift is increasingly one of the most popular solutions as a lift elevator because of the combination of many advantages like fast installation, budget friendliness and flexibility in terms of dimensions, design and the large selection of different door types.

Homelift H300

The homelift H300 uses the best available technology for private elevators, providing a durable solution that is extremely energy efficient and almost silent. Enjoy the efficient technology of a world-class elevator company and the great variety of design options.

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Equipment and accessories 

  • Control panel with large user-friendly buttons and emergency stop 
  • Large selection of sizes and dimensions
  • Sturdy and resistant shaft
  • Speed max. 0,15 m/s
  • Low energy consumption and small fuses
  • Various door types, e.g. fire doors
  • Free color selection, mirrors, folding seats etc.