The homelift is the obvious alternative to the elevator.

In terms of alternatives to the elevator we have the homelift at thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S. The reason why a homelift can be the right alternative is that there sometimes isn’t room for it in the existing building. Other reasons could for example be that you simply want an alternative with a lower price tag. A full size elevator is also not very practical in buildings with 2 to 3 floors.

The homelift can be a simple, functional and cheap solution.

Our selection of homelifts includes everything from simple and discrete stair lifts to custom designed elevator lifts with a carry up to 15-meters/6 stop. With our solutions we are able to create mobility and availability for all people including wheelchair users and walking-impaired. Additionally, a homelift also enables easy transport of heavy goods.

The advantage of picking the homelift is that they can be mounted directly on the floor with a little ramp as opposed to a conventional elevator that always is made with a pit. Therefore no major constructional alterations are required when installing the homelift. Homelifts also happen to be less regulated than elevators and therefore operate with a significantly lower speed (max 0.15 m/s). All of our homelifts live up to the building regulations surrounding disabled people.

Generally, the installation of homelifts is far quicker and cheaper compared to the installation of the conventional elevator. The installation of a platform- or elevator lift takes about 1-5 days depending of the number of stops and height, while installation of a stair lift can be done in one to two days. What makes a homelift the best lift is that it is just as safe as a conventional elevator and homelifts can also be equipped with a backup battery so that the lift user will never be stuck during a blackout.

The homelift for any purpose.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S you will get the best homelift, as they are quiet, reliable and energy saving. They are characterized by high quality, operational stability and innovative technology. With the wide selection of options in terms of design and interior you will find homelifts that are elegant, stylish and an aesthetic asset to its environment.