Homelift systems from thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S

Our homelifts are each built with a specific purpose, which is why we are able to assist you no matter what your needs may be. It is not every building where the installations of homelift systems are easy or the circumstances optimal. However, based on our many years of experiences we, at thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S, are always able to find a solution regardless of the difficulties that may surround the project.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator A/S we always make sure to assist and service our customers so that at no point during the process any problems or uncertainty arise in terms of picking homelift systems.

Finding the right homelift system.

In broad terms we have three different types of homelifts:

Platform homelifts

The platform homelifts are the most classical and traditional homelift systems of our different types of homelifts. Of all our lift systems this is an inexpensive alternative to both the conventional elevator and the elevator homelift due to its low cost of operating. This type of lift can with its self-supporting construction be installed almost anywhere without any major constructional alterations. It does not require an engine room or excavation pit. Due to safety reasons, this home lift only works when constantly push on the driving bottom.

Elevator homelifts

The elevator homelift can be installed in almost all types of buildings. The elevator homelift scores high on safety, quality and service. At the same time this type of lift systems is also an inexpensive solution due to its low cost of operating compared to the conventional elevator. These elevator homelifts are recommended – as well as primarily used for – installment in already existing buildings, as it does not require any major constructional alterations. This home lift drives after press on the driving bottom, as in a conventional elevator.

Stair lifts

The stair lift is particularly well suited for wheelchair users. The practical lift systems are mounted directly to the existing stairways or right next to. The lift systems are often installed when available space is limited or budget does not allow the installation of a platform homelift or elevator homelift. A stair lift is user-friendly, extremely stable in operational terms and requires very limited space. This type of lift systems is the optimal solution for buildings with walking-impaired residents. By installing this type of lift systems you transform the building into a level unit in a very simple and easy way.

We make homelift planning quick, easy and effective.

We offer

  • Elaborate experience and knowledge of homelift installation
  • Help with everything from options of installation, specific propositions of solution and offers on phase of planning and professional implementation
  • Autocad mockups of homelift installation
  • Own nationwide installation- and service team
  • Project management and collaboration with relevant carpenters
  • Arrangement with 24-hour service of lifts in case of unforeseen problems