Modernisation made easy.

MOTEGO BLUE, the modular solution for elevator modernisation, can be integrated in your building quickly and easily – and also offers a great deal more.

  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Stylish cabin design
  • Improved ride comfort
  • Optimised sustainability
  • Higher transportation capacity
  • Innovative technologies
  • Up-to-date safety standards

In addition, MOTEGO BLUE can be used anywhere and anytime. Because this modernisation solution flexibly adapts to your individual building – no matter who manufactured the original system.

Customer Benefits

Modernisation - optimised to your demands

Optimised use of space Optimised use of space

Older elevator systems often have small cabin dimensions – thanks to our MOTEGO BLUE modular modernisation system, existing shafts can be used even more efficiently, allowing for larger cabin sizes.

Optimised use of space

Optimised costs Optimised costs

In developing our MOTEGO BLUE modular modernisation system, we paid close attention to the aspect of economic efficiency. This includes the initial modernisation investment as well as the ongoing operating costs.

Optimised costs

Optimised budget Optimised budget

Would you like to spread out the modernisation costs over several budget periods or years? We’d be happy to draw up a modernisation plan that’s designed around your budget.

Optimised budget

Optimised construction time Optimised construction time

During comprehensive modernisation work, your elevator system will need to be shut down for some amount of time. But thanks to MOTEGO BLUE, we can minimise these downtimes and keep people moving.

Optimised construction time


Flash Fallback Visual Advantages


  • Individually adjustable controller maximises transport capacity and reduces waiting times
  • Modular replacement of technical components can be tailored to limited budgets
  • Flexible interfaces allow existing components to be re-used
  • Comprehensive functions promote energy efficiency, ride comfort and easy fitting
  • Controller can be expanded with additional components
  • Optional combination with energy recovery


  • Existing building environment is taken into account
  • Optional re-use of low-wear components, e.g. rails and counterweight
  • Fitting is easy, fast, clean and quiet
  • Use of modular components
  • Flexible dimensions ensure an efficient use of shaft space

Lighting design

  • Individual design options with various colour moods
  • Long-lasting LED solutions save energy and costs
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Long service life, even when frequently switched on and off
  • Lights switch on without delay, consume little power

Elevator cabin

  • Easy planning – flexibly adapts to your requirements
  • Variable cabin size and individual design options
  • Expanded cabin area and door width, thanks to an intelligent car concept
  • Durable materials that withstand high traffic
  • Boosts your image and your building’s value
  • Inviting bright bi-colour design creates an appealing look
  • Meets all relevant safety standards


  • Compact size, variants for any requirement
  • Integrated, state-of-the-art safety brakes
  • Low maintenance and operating costs thanks to long-lasting components
  • Eco-friendly solutions with low energy consumption
  • Very smooth running, with gentle acceleration and braking

Control elements

  • Easy operability
  • Interaction and communication for more convenience
  • Resistant, ergonomic control elements in a timeless, high-quality look
  • Optional: Barrier-free as per EN 81-70


  • Adjustable door opening and closing times for shorter waiting times and faster ride times
  • Fewer malfunctions thanks to high-quality door systems
  • Quiet operation and exceptional ride comfort
  • Highest flexibility in planning and fitting
  • Wide range of safety elements to protect passengers
  • Optional: Barrier-free as per EN 81-70


  • Online connection to our Service Centre
  • Secure control and monitoring for your elevator system
  • Our service technicians respond very quickly
  • Optimised maintenance costs thanks to remote diagnosis
  • Elevator data are evaluated to analyse and optimise usage


MOTEGO BLUE makes modernisation so much easier – and more attractive, too. Thanks to our extremely flexible design concept, you can put together a truly customised elevator cabin.

Simply select one of our 12 recommended designs, or create a brand-new combination of materials and tints. You can pick the LED lighting colour, as well.


With LED lighting, a space-optimised cabin, a drive using 40 % less energy, an intelligent controller and a regenerative inverter – MOTEGO BLUE represents the essence of our years of experience in modernisation. It offers everything you need to make your elevator more comfortable, efficient and safe.

Depending on your requirements, you’ll receive MOTEGO BLUE either as a complete system or as individual modernisation packages. No matter which option you choose, the intelligent modernisation solution is extremely flexible. It can be integrated in existing buildings without a lot of dust and noise and ensures that your system achieves energy efficiency class A – for long-term energy and cost savings.

The best at a glance

  • Lower costs – thanks to durable components that can be re-used 
  • Valuable time savings – shorter fitting time and downtimes
  • Unique modularity – for bespoke modernisation
  • Maximum energy efficiency – with efficient components and energy recovery